A New Chapter Begins

By | February 22, 2017

This is Jeri here –

Today began a new chapter in my life, and ultimately in our lives.  Yesterday, after 17 1/2 years, I retired from United Way of Snohomish County.  It was a strange and surreal feeling. I went to work like any other day, had meetings, did some email.  Then at lunch, I was given a send off, lovely gifts and sentiments, and then it was time to leave.  Such mixed emotions!  I was so seriously ready to go, but this new chapter, though incredibly exciting, is a bit scary because of the unknown.  Still, I anticipate it with joy, because I am stepping out, trusting in God and jumping in with both feet with my best friend and partner in life.

Tonight we met with our dear friends, Cyndy and Ken, who fed us dinner, and then tomorrow, we pack some more.  We are now eating on paper plates, the movers come Monday the 27th, and we head out, if the weather permits, on March 2nd.  First stop, Cheney, WA where we will spend time with kids and grandkids.  May our weight on the RV be low and balanced, and may the weather gods be kind!

Here’s to new beginnings!

8 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins

  1. Jim McRae

    Bob Voyage Jeri & Richard! Kind of a surreal day with you not around to watch me search for the ‘click’ that would take me to the right screen, or explain ‘why’ we do it this way. Your foot and fingerprints are all around and the mark you’ve made on the United Way will both lead us and leave us with fond memories and a path to follow. May the road rise up to meet you both!

  2. Rich Voccio

    Safe travels and look forward to hearing about your journey in the upcoming weeks/months. Be well!

  3. Jeri

    Thanks Jim! I thought about you guys, like a million times, but I know you’ve got this! May it be a long and prosperous journey for you at UWSC!

  4. Chris Graham

    If we don’t forget to make a left turn at Albuquerque, I’ll bet we see you in Florida. I’m so excited to travel this country and cross paths with you two again someplace where white sands, palm trees, and warm weather are the norm. Congrats on the unemployment status and see you soon!

    1. Jeri Wilkes

      Can’t wait! You guys will be the best travel buddies!

  5. Patricia Latimore

    Jerri, Congrats on embarking on the next step in your life. How exciting and also a bit scary. I am sure that you will take to it like a “duck to water”

    1. Jeri Wilkes

      Thanks Pat! We are on the road, and so far, so good, though we are anxious to get out of the cold!


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