And…….We’re Off!

By | March 4, 2017

Cozied up in the snow, Essie is keeping us warm.

After final goodbyes to our dear friends (some tears on my part, not gonna lie), we hit the road March 2nd.  Our first destination is Cheney, WA to spend some time with our daughter Devon, her husband Jake, and our granddaughters, Melanie and Leah.


We were REALLY nervous about crossing Snoqualmie Pass, as this was our maiden voyage with the RV fully loaded.  The forecast called for snow, with the roads wet and slushy.  Richard is usually pretty calm, but even he was nervous.  We bought chains, not only for the BAT (Big-Ass-Truck) but also for Essie (short for Escargot, the best kind of snail there is…..and snails bring their house with them wherever they go!)  The forecast had also said that early afternoon would be the best time to cross, so that was our original plan.  Instead, Richard woke me up at 6:30 am and said their was a new winter weather advisory warning and that we needed to leave sooner rather than later, as a new storm would be hitting the pass around noon.

No showers for us, but with one cup of coffee in our systems, we packed up the dog and some protein bars for the road and left……right in the middle of the Thursday morning commute.  It took us 45 minutes to go about 18 miles, but eventually we made it to I-90 and started heading East.

I was watching the outside temperature carefully as it went from 46 to 45 to 42 degrees as we climbed.  But when we got to the top of the pass, not only was it not snowing, the roads were bare and DRY and the temperature was around 34 degrees, so it was very smooth sailing.  Both Richard and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Whew we made it over the pass!

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful.  But when we stopped for fuel, we were able to get Essie weighed, which was a big concern for Richard.  He wasn’t sure if we were overweight (no wisecracks please), and that can be very dangerous.  Once weighed, we discovered that we are near the limit, so no more can go on board, and we may need to lighten our load a bit.   That said, we had about 100 lbs of record albums that we brought over to Devon, and we have all of our wine club wines on board.  I guess we have some work to do to lighten the load!

Now we are in Cheney, enjoying time with the family.  It’s still freaking cold over here, but the forecast as we head south looks promising.  We will be here until Tuesday morning when we begin our journey south.

RV there yet???

Author: Jeri Wilkes

The happy "other half" to the RV Man! So excited to be traveling this journey with him. Married 36 years, have two great kids and two beautiful granddaughters. Ready to begin the RV life!

6 thoughts on “And…….We’re Off!

  1. Susan Braithwaite

    We are so glad you arrived safely and the drive was uneventful. No “adventures “! Say Hi to the Vibberts from us, and the girls send a special Hi to their buddy, Maggie. We miss you already, but hope to see you in May!

  2. Sue Levine

    Sounds like you have some serious drinking to do!
    Seriously though, so glad you made it safe and sound! Give our love to the Vibbi, and love to you, too!
    Happy Trails!

  3. Marlayne

    Love the name Essie!!!! So glad the weather was good over the pass. Sunny skies ahead. Marlayne

    PS I ran across Davette last week!

  4. Beth Hannley

    Clever name for your blog. You are so funny! A great new adventure. Thanks for brilliant financial leadership at United Way. It was a pleasure working with you.

    Congratulations on a great plan for retirement. Can’t wait for your next installment.

    1. Jeri Wilkes Post author

      Thanks Beth! So glad you joined the blog. Next installment coming soon….we are meeting the most interesting people!


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