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RV WiFi and Internet – WifiRanger GoAC and SkyPro

Originally when we bought the RV I started with a WiFiRanger Go2 and Elite outside antenna.  This combination worked inside for testing and working out our ‘Sea Trials’.   Almost to the day after the purchase WiFiRanger announced they would be upgrading the product line in a couple of months.   I was going to return the units but was… Read More »

Printing and Copying on the Road

One of the areas that is often discussed is the need for a small and portable printer.  There are some good articles on this and an example from Technomadia is here.   At this point in time we wanted to start downsizing everything but still be able to print on or off the RV.  We have a Brother office printer… Read More »

Mapping Program – CP Map

In starting this blog we had a couple of simple requirements.  We wanted to share pictures and our travel locations on a map with our friends and family.  We also wanted to be able to give back or contribute to the information provided by the many who have preceded us.  This blog is our first attempt to document the… Read More »