Continued Family Time in Beautiful Cave Creek

By | March 30, 2017

North of Scottsdale is the town and area of Cave Creek.   At 1900 feet or so it is a few degrees cooler than the ‘valley’ of Phoenix.   Once above 1400 feet or so the vegetation changes from desert scrub and the Sonoran desert comes out along with the Saguaro cactus.

We switched plans up a bit so we could be near my sister Pam who was visiting friends nearby.  The Cave Creek Regional Park was a home run, even if we could not get reservations for more than two days.   The campsites are very large and dispersed.   The power and water supplied was very well done and while there is no septic, there are two well maintained dump stations to the exit.  For our trip, we would not be staying long enough to need them.  This time of year was beautiful with the wet winter and timing as the spring flowers were bright yellow!

We enjoyed this campground for a number of reasons:   We were sharing the experience with my sister, the timing and season were spectacular and this was our first opportunity to just breathe with neighbors far away.    In the evening the sun was setting to the west and the lighting changes for a small squall were approaching.

This made for a great photo opportunity right out the door! We had a great time just watching and taking photos!




It Just got better as the sun set over the Saguaro’s! 







The Cave Creek regional park is a place worthy of staying at and going out of your way for!   Next is to move to Pleasant Lake Rv park in the North end of Peoria, Northwest of Phoenix. 

Author: Jeri Wilkes

The happy "other half" to the RV Man! So excited to be traveling this journey with him. Married 36 years, have two great kids and two beautiful granddaughters. Ready to begin the RV life!

2 thoughts on “Continued Family Time in Beautiful Cave Creek

  1. Kim Latour

    Hi Jeri and Richard!

    Wow, we are so impressed at your RV adventure – good for you guys! Looks like your having a great time and hope all goes well as you cross the country. Will you eventually come back to Washington or are you moving to Florida?

    Lots of love and laughs,

    Kim and Rob


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