Florida Residency

By | December 22, 2016

After a lot of planning and following others leads and information we have established a ‘permanent’ address in Florida!   I must first give credit to a few that have led the way who no doubt also learned from others.   Here are a few posts that I used for the process:

Our reasoning for choosing Florida over others had as much to do with health insurance and being able to get a PPO-like medical plan that would be usable throughout the US as anything.    Since we are leaving our residence in Washington we will not be able to use one for health insurance and the mail services in WA do not seem to support ‘permanent’ addresses.    A second reason is that our son and daughter-in-law live in Florida and it made it convenient to do this process while visiting over Christmas. As such, we will be in the area of the mail service we chose, MyRVMail in Crestview for visits.  As others in Escapees and the above sources have shown is that SD may be more RV friendly in some areas but healthcare is an issue if under the age of Medicare, as we are.

The unique part of our process came with the vehicles transfer from Washington State.   The general process for getting vehicles licensed in Florida is to get a VIN identification from an officer.     What I found out is that Washington does their VIN identifications through the Highway Patrol and they no longer support doing VIN certifications for vehicles going out of the state!   The people in Crestview Florida, however, were very helpful and gave me specific instructions to deal with the issue.  They said  to go to my local dealer and have them certify it and state so on their business letterhead with the name and signature of the dealer manager.   We have bought and traded a couple of vehicles over the years at RoyRobinson in Marysville, WA north of Everett.  They have been very fair to us for RV, Subaru and Chevy work, purchases and trades.   The manager there was very accommodating.   For the RV, Crestview did not require physical verification.

Sending or bringing physical titles is necessary.  We have loans on both the RV and the truck, so we needed to get the title sent by the lienholder.  This form is available online, though I requested a Word doc form from an agent in the Okaloosa Tax Collectors office.  They were very responsive.

The rest followed the list in a straight forward manner, though the sequence and time it takes required that we start this project about two months ahead of time!  The key was to get the mail service running with enough time to then be able to create or change the address on a couple of bills, credit cards and financial accounts.  These needed to be at least one statement cycle away from our trip to Florida so that I could print out the monthly statements showing the Florida address!

Our Sequence:

Mail and Physical Address:

  • Sign up and get an address, then complete the USPS ‘Application for Delivery through Mail Agent’ and have it notarized.
  • Once this is done the account will be up and running.

Vehicle Registrations:

  • Proof of Insurance:  We used Geico as they also have RV full time insurance as do others.   Use the new address.
  • Driver’s Licenses in Florida:  These were done first with the registrations following, by the same person in Crestview.
  • VIN Identification:  Not required in Crestview for the RV,  but we needed the dealer verification from WA for the truck.
  • Lienholder Title:
    • Our RV title was sent ahead of time by a loan agent using the request for title form from Okaloosa County,  Make sure you have enough time and they hold it there until you get there.  Ours was set for 60 days so they would not return it before we got there.
    • The truck loan is through a very small Credit Union and I ended up obtaining the title physically from them as I was worried about the timing through the mail.   Because it was from a non-standard small credit union, Crestview needed to get some extra back office permissions to get their system to accept it.

Driver’s Licenses:

  • We used our passports and Social Security cards for our ID sources.  Be sure that the names reflect your current names.  We had to double-check, because my wife couldn’t remember if she ever received a new Social Security card with her married name.  Luckily, she had and it was locked in our safe deposit box.
  • For proof of address we used two statements from credit card and investment accounts that had the new address from MyRvMail.com.  This needed to be done a month or so ahead of time to get a new statement with the new addresses.

Next Steps:  We may need the ‘Intent to Domicile’ form but we did not do it this trip.   We will need to follow up with other final insurance needs and adjustments and look into Will/Trust adjustments and transfers.

For health insurance who knows what will happen but we both have qualifying events that will let us get ‘affordable care’ health insurance now.  We may likely get temporary insurance until the dust settles a bit, but that is a topic for the next post.




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