Full Circle

By | July 18, 2017

Travel, back issues, dizzy issues, beautiful scenery, family, and then home again.

This is the summary of the last six weeks since I last wrote.  Now here’s the details:

Miles and miles of beautifully paved biking trails!

Our next stop was Sun Valley, Idaho.  What a glorious place that is!  Neither of us had ever been and we were in awe at all the ski slopes right in front of us.  Of course, at this time of year, there was only a small amount of snow up at the very top of the mountains, but still gorgeous!  We walked around town on the first day and started biking into town each day after that.  Such good exercise and there are bike paths all over the town.

One day, we decided to take a drive to Craters of the Moon National Monument.   What a weird and wonderful place!  It truly does look like you are on the moon, due to the large lava rocks that abound there.  There are also several caves you can go into and explore.

Richard in one of the caves.

We drove all around the park, and even climbed up a dead volcano.

Climbing down into the cave.

We also explored one of the caves and it was absolutely beautiful!

Very interesting and beautiful geological formations.

After about 4 days of morning bike rides, we decided to stay around the rig for the day.  I had bought a grooming kit so that we could groom Maggie ourselves.  So that morning, I put her in the shower with me for the very first time.  She behaved like a champ, as she usually does.  She was sitting still for me, and fully cooperating.  I had just called Richard to come get her out and begin drying her off, when I turned a funny way.  Not only did I feel my back go out, I heard it.  Several years ago, I had a bulging disc and apparently it was the exact same thing.  I screamed in agony, Richard got the dog out of there and I hobbled out of the shower.  I was able to dry myself off, and with Richard’s help, get some clothes on and get to the couch with some ice and Ibuprofen.

Focus on how fresh and clean Maggie looked, not at me grimacing in pain!

I spent the next few days hobbling around with ice packs.  I was able to contact my physical therapist and get exercises that I had done the last time this happened, which was quite helpful.  On the third day, I was doing one of the stretches while sitting in a chair, when I felt the whole RV violently tip.  I gasped in fear, and Richard looked at me in alarm, asking what was wrong.  “Didn’t you feel that?”, I asked.  Now he looked at me like I was nuts and said, “no, what?”   “The whole rig just tipped!”  Needless to say, this was quite concerning, as I was absolutely sure about this.  After this, every time I laid down, I had intense vertigo.  The room would spin violently.  But I had to be lying down on the floor to do my exercises.  We decided that I would lay off the exercises and stretches for a couple of days, to see if the vertigo would go away.  After doing quite a bit of research, it appeared that I had developed a case of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV for short).  It’s quite common in middle-aged women (oh joy) but is not serious, unless you fall and hurt yourself.  After about a week of this (still in some significant back pain), we decided I should go to a walk-in clinic to confirm that’s what it was.  The doctor was quite sure that was the case.  Since then, I have general dizziness every day, but it’s much, much better and definitely livable.  The back issue took about 2 1/2 weeks to heal.  This is a long way of saying that we didn’t do nearly as much exploring of the Sun Valley area as we had anticipated!  We did however get to experience their Brewfest, where I was able to walk around for an hour or so without too much pain,

Enjoying the Sun Valley Brewfest

and a few days later, we took a drive in to Stanley, ID which is a very small but stunning town nestled in the Sawtooth National Forest.


Gorgeous river view in Stanley








So, we sadly said goodbye to Sun Valley, hoping to return another year for more exploration with better health!

Next up was North Fork, ID, which was a 2-night layover on our way to Missoula.  The town is very remote, nestled in the Sawtooth National Forest,

On our way through the Sawtooth National Forest. Gorgeous!

but a 20 mile drive got you into Salmon, ID.  (This is where I went to the walk-in clinic for the vertigo.)  Our rig was RIGHT on the Salmon River, which was running very high.  We really enjoyed the owners of the RV park.






So close to the river!

They had just bought the place and were so enthusiastic and thrilled.

They fell in love with Maggie Mae and Maggie just loved playing with their dog Tika.  She loves finding new friends!

Maggie and Tika

They did everything they could to ensure we were happy.

The view out our back window

We felt like the Salmon River belonged to just us, as we were the only RV in the park.






Next up was Missoula, MT.  Surprisingly, we have no great photos to share of this beautiful place!  We didn’t spend much time there, but really enjoyed taking a walk along the river, near the university.  My dizziness was still in full swing, so we didn’t do too much, as it was quite hot, and that seems to make the dizziness worse.  After that, we made our way to Coeur D’Alene, ID where we stayed for 11 nights, right on the Spokane River just before it spills into Lake Coeur D’Alene.  This is only an hour away from where our daughter Devon and her family live.

Fun in the sun (and shade)

So we had wonderful opportunities to see all of them, and even our son-in-law’s mom and step-dad, as they all came out for the 4th of July celebration.

Happy 4th! (Taken from the top of our rig)








The city of Coeur D’Alene puts on a magnificent fireworks show and we could see the whole thing right from the RV!

Devon’s dessert for the 4th

Devon and the girls spent four nights with us, since Jake was out of town.  We missed him, but it was great to spend so much time with all three of our girls!  We loved spending time at the lake, getting wet and watching the girls play endlessly.

After this wonderful time at the lake, we headed up north about 15 miles to be close to Silverwood Theme Park, in Athol, ID (I can’t tell you how many times that town’s name tickled our immature senses of humor….).  Richard found a great RV park one mile away from Silverwood with

Our trolley ride to Silverwood. See those two faces in the windows?

free transportation to and from the site.  We spent two full days there going on all the roller coaster rides and enjoying the water park on the other side of the site.

Devon and Leah coming out of the water slide








I was thrilled to see that my dizziness didn’t get worse after going on roller coasters, which is something I really enjoy doing.  Melanie (the 10 year old) is absolutely

Enjoying the water park

fearless when it comes to roller coasters and it was great fun to go on some of them with her.   She’s my “roller coaster buddy”.






Fun times were had at both the park and the campground.

Our beautiful grands, Leah and Melanie

Love the devilish look on Leah’s face, while Maggie is saying “help me!”

The pool at the RV park was terrific!

From there we headed to Cheney, WA where the kids live.  We spent another four days there enjoying more time with them.  Jake was back in town and decided to put on a “Seafood/Steak Fest”.

Jake pouring out his creation on to the board

He loves doing this and it’s incredibly tasty!  He takes two garbage cans and puts a piece of plywood on top, and cuts out two holes, one over each garbage can.  This is for all the refuse (i.e. shrimp tails).  Then he grills and cooks all the food with some fabulous ingredients, throws everything out on the plywood table where everyone sits around eating it all!

Melanie getting ready to dig in

Except for the steak, it’s all finger food, and was cooked to perfection.  We had two different kinds of shrimp, lobster tails, huge T-bone steaks, potatoes and corn.  We really enjoyed that!






And then we came full circle, entering Snohomish County once again.  We were greeted with a 90-minute back up on I-90, giving us a nice reminder as to why we left in the first place.  🙂  It’s strange to be back, as it’s not our home anymore, but it still feels like it.  We are both delighted to be back here though for this short period of time.

We look forward to spending 2 1/2 weeks here, interspersed with a four-day trip to AZ to check on the progress of our house being built, and to attend our dear friend’s son’s wedding.  Their son also happens to be our investment advisor so we are thrilled to be able to work it into the itinerary!

Next up will be lots of reconnecting with beloved friends, enjoying the gorgeous Puget Sound when it is at its best, before we  begin to head south again.

Hope to blog a little sooner next time!









Author: Jeri Wilkes

The happy "other half" to the RV Man! So excited to be traveling this journey with him. Married 36 years, have two great kids and two beautiful granddaughters. Ready to begin the RV life!

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  1. Cathy B

    Hi Jer! and Rich! God I LOVE that right on the river shot from your back window! Reminds me of all my rivers years white water rafting with our raft club and camping camping camping. Going out to Angeles Forest next week as well! Love your blog and hope you’re feeling better girlie. Love y a, CB

    1. Jeri Wilkes Post author

      Thanks CB! Feeling much better now. This growing older stuff is not for wimps! Have fun in Angeles Forest! xoxoxox

  2. Sue Levine

    Wow! Quite the adventure for sure! I’m sure you’re happy to be back in WA to reconnect with all your peeps! Have fun!


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