MiFi Addition – ATT United Explore – Unlocked

By | December 10, 2016

Netgear Unite Explore Unlocked from MrAberthon

Following the lead from Chris and Cherie at rvmobileinternet.com, I was in pursuit of a MiFi device that was going to complement the Verizon phones we changed to from T-mobile.   We made this switch to Verizon to make our phones the most reliable for basic communications for voice, messaging and cell data.    There are many articles on this topic and below are a couple of good ones on the recent offerings.  I wanted a MiFi device that could work with a number of the ATT, T-mobile and 2nd tier offerings from other cell companies.   Again, I highly recommend this article and subscription for in-depth discussions on the different Wifi hotspots, use cases and evaluations.   MiFi Evaluations

What was missing from being able to use the Unite Explore MiFi on non ATT systems was acquiring one that was unlocked.  Chris and Cherie had reported that getting one unlocked was tricky and just prior to December they were officially not supporting that.

I did some searching and found a provider that appeared to provide unlocked new units.  I communicated with them a couple of times and was convinced that it could be returned if not correct.  The company is MrAberthon.com and provides unlocked hotspots at a decent price and some coupons are also available. Here for the hotspot page.

Unite Explore as received.

Unite Explore as received.

I got the unit delivered and added a 6GB Hotspot T-mobile plan and free sim to my existing T-mobile account.   I plan on testing it with BingeOn for watching unlimited Netflix, Hulu etc. that T-mobile supports.

After putting the two together, the only thing that was needed was adding the T-Mobile information into the United Explore.  I got this information from rvmobileinternet.com in their article on using a Verizon JetPack for the same purpose on T-mobile.    I decided on the United Explore as it supported T-mobiles channel 12 for the faster LTE and the primary channel they are expanding on.  See Here (subscription required for full access).

I will be testing and reporting on how all this works along with the new WifiRanger GoAC adn SkyPro units.

So far I like this unit for many reasons:

  • Large battery for longevity if we are packing somewhere to independently hotspot
  • Channel 12 T-mobile support for their expanded network rollout.
  • ATT support and support for 2nd tier suppliers for Plans.
  • Tethering works great with the new WifiRanger GoAC ( so far ) 🙂
  • Two external antennae ports for external single or double antennae’s or adding a the Wilson 4GM booster to the external antennae.

Before we head out I may also get an ‘Unlimited’ plan from 4gantennaeshop to go along with the T-mobile plan.

This combination will give us the top three.   Verizon for the best availability in rural areas, T-mobile to make use of unlimited video at standard definition rates on BingeOn.   The 4gantennaeshop ‘Unlimited’ plan would give ATT dedicated tower access in a number of spots as well.

Outside of buying a Verizon unlimited plan.  This should give us access most places and data for internet and video support in a lot of them.   Time will tell and I will update when I have more information.


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