Moving Day!

By | March 4, 2017

Great movers from Pro Movers in Bellevue – Mark on the left and Williams on the right

Storage unit is almost full!

February 27th was our scheduled moving day.  We were ready!  All boxes were now packed, so we were ready to move in to the RV.  No more paper plates and plastic silverware.  We woke up, started to get ready, and then looked outside…….snowing.  But the flakes were big, so we knew it would end soon.  I called the mover (Mark) who said, no worries, it didn’t look like it would be very bad, and said he’d call when he and his helper were on the way.  Instead, an hour later, we got a call asking if he could put off the move for one day, because traffic was awful and he wasn’t sure about the snow.  We had a pretty tight schedule and the forecast called for clearing in the afternoon, so we talked him into moving it back until 1 pm instead.  They got there, and started moving items into the van.  And there was no break in the snow, though it was only sticking a little bit.  BUT about an hour into the move, the snow started getting worse and worse, until it was practically a white-out!  UGH!  The ramp they were using to get the furniture into the truck was getting slick.  Thankfully, by this time, they were almost done, so they hurried up with the rest and we headed the 1.5 miles to the storage unit.  By the time we got to the unit, the snow had let up a bit, so the movers started moving everything in.

Let me tell you, Richard was adamant everything would fit into this 10×18 unit.  I wasn’t so sure.  We had already stored all of our boxes, and odd shaped items (i.e. ironing board, etc.) and we were about half full already.  What was left was the big, heavy furniture and mattresses, etc.  Well, Mark (from Pro Movers in Bellevue) worked it like a Tetris game, fitting everything in and when we were all done, we had just a teeny-weeny bit of space left!  What a relief!  Attached is a photo of Mark and his helper, just before we closed the door on the unit.

The next day, we headed back to our rental home and did some final cleaning, and got ready to hit the road.

Another MAJOR chapter in the books!

Author: Jeri Wilkes

The happy "other half" to the RV Man! So excited to be traveling this journey with him. Married 36 years, have two great kids and two beautiful granddaughters. Ready to begin the RV life!

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  1. Jim McRae

    Never had a moment of doubt. Always trust your favorite engineer😎


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