RV WiFi and Internet – WifiRanger GoAC and SkyPro

By | December 10, 2016
GoAC and SkyPro

WiFiRanger GoAc and Exterior SkyPro

Originally when we bought the RV I started with a WiFiRanger Go2 and Elite outside antenna.  This combination worked inside for testing and working out our ‘Sea Trials’.   Almost to the day after the purchase WiFiRanger announced they would be upgrading the product line in a couple of months.   I was going to return the units but was offered that they would do an upgrade exchange when they released the new products for the cost difference.   I accepted that offer and patiently waited for the new products to come out.  December 5th 2016 was the official release date and I put in for the exchange the day of the pre-release on the Black Friday sales weekend.

There are some major differences in this package. The main router has a newer main board for the router that supports 5gh band wifi (AC) and was promised to be faster with additional memory and updated CPU.   I opted for the newer roof mounted SkyPro antennae this time around.  The power in this unit has been upgraded to 1000mw that is equal to the Elite antennae and should be able to reach nearly as far without having to put it up and down.   It has two antenaes on 2.4 ghz and though not AC, most campgrounds do not and will not have AC (5ghz) for quite a while.    The additional advangtage for me is to be able to use it while in transit for relaying the rear view camera.   (insert)

The Elite antenna which was a long range ( 2 mi maximum ) external antennae required mounting to a pole or the RV batwing antennae.  I was never able to really use that external antennae as I only temporarily pole mounted it and either had the ability to get wifi form the Go2 main router or had no reception at all from either antennae.

I will leave the detailed technical and reviews to the experts at rvmobileinternet.com.  Chris and Cherie do an excellent job of this and do this full time while traveling around.  For their update on the WiFiRanger line go to this link.  https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/wifiranger-revamps-entire-product-line-embracing-802-11ac-wi-fi/.   I highly recommend you read through their materials and join their paid service.  It has been the core of my specialized application learning on the subject for preparing for our travels.

How is it working so far:   Well I just plugged it in and it seems to work very well.  So far we are on a release candidate software so I expect final release to have some tweaks to it.   I expect to have the SkyPro mounted to on the roof and will update this post then.   So far the SkyPro is connected to my home wifi and passes that back to the main router over the POE network cable.  I have my computers, iphones and ipad all connected to the GoAC5G signals over 5g instead of 2.4.    The responsiveness of the embedded Web interface is at least double and perhaps 4 times more responsive to changes, input and saving.   I was able to plug in the ATT unite ex plore 815S MiFi device that I purchased unlocked from Mr Aberthon.com.  These hotspots were reportedly hard to get unlocked from ATT, but apparently recently changed their policy.  MrAberthon has been shipping these unlocked hotspots for a while now.   Currently I have a T-Mobile Sim in it and it works great on the T-Mobile 6GB plan!

I plan on testing all of this out for a combination that will hopefully be very reliable, more or less simple to operate and allow for blending campground wifi and cellular MiFi or Cell phone tethering

Stay tuned for updates testing and installation.


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