Day 3: We Are NOT staying in Toledo!

When we were plotting this trip I had mapped out driving about 3-4 hours each day. From Indy that put us in Toledo, or more specifically, Maumee State Park. Josh wasn’t most excited about this stop but it was a good place to break up the 8 hour drive to Niagara Falls. It turns out it was the best park we’ve stayed in to-date (in general, not just this trip).

Rewind first, we made our way across Indiana and saw many windmills (or wind-meals as this Ozarkian says).

Once we arrived, the weather was amazing, so we pulled out the bikes and headed to the beach. If you’ve been to Lake Michigan, Lake Eerie is rockier but our kids still dug the moats and played in the water.

As evening came we made our dinner of shrimp, tater tots, and salad (ps: purchasing an Airfryer before this trip was clutch). As we were prepping for smores a little storm blew through so we headed in for some Jenga.

Packing up in the morning for Niagara Falls!

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