Day 4: On the Road Again

Whew! Today was the longest leg we have on this trip clocking in at 6 hours. Luckily we started the day with some activity. Right off the bat, Parker and I took a morning ride around the campsite – it was so nice to enjoy the quiet of the morning.

When we returned Josh was already whipping up our eggs and smoothies. After a second ride, we headed down to the Nature Center and boardwalk.

Before it was time to move on we had to pay a visit to the dump station to empty our Grey and black tanks. Yup, it’s exactly what you think. Well, this was our first time and let’s just say, Josh learned how NOT to empty a black tank today 🤢.

Ok, don’t let that sink in – moving on. On past 6 hours in the car, one Greatest Showman soundtrack, a poorly executed gas stop, lots of construction, and multiple podcasts … we arrive at 4 Mile Creek State Park just outside Niagara Falls on the banks of Lake Ontario.

With temps in the upper 60s it was a great evening to get settled and enjoy some time overlooking the water.

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