Day 5: Niagara Falls

The kids are super into the idea of this journal/blog, so today’s post is in the words of Parker. He wrote it out and chose the pictures. I simply typed it up (with some spelling updates).

In Parker’s words:

Today we went to Niagara Falls. First we woke up and Josh made bagels. After breakfast we hit the road. When we got there we got out and went to the Falls. We had to bring our passports because we went into Canada.

After we got into Canada we went on a boat ride. It brought us right next to Horseshoe Falls. It was so fun!

After the boat ride we got to have lunch at Queen Elizabeth Park.

After lunch we walked around, it was so cool! I got to see a Canadian coin – it was Awesome! After Niagara Falls we came home and me and the littles went to the park. After the park we had dinner. We had tacos for dinner. After dinner we went for a bike ride. We went down to the lake and we went on a hike.”

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