Side Note: Moments I didn’t expect

When Josh and I talked about doing a blog for this trip we did it for a few reasons:

  • To let our family and friends know we were doing fine
  • To have something that easily exports to a scrapbook after we are done so I can easily print (I have some strengths, but scrapbooking is not one of them)
  • To avoid overloading social media with all the things

Of course, we are posting the highlights and distilling our lives as a family of 5 living in 250 square feet, into a snippet of time. However, it hasn’t all been perfect memories in the making.

The other day was exceptionally hard. The travel was hard. The navigating was hard. We made some mistakes. The set up was hard. As Josh and I scurried to get it done and get food on the table while 3 kids literally fought on the sidelines over who was breathing whose air.

To be honest, I was expecting these moments, but it didn’t make it any less difficult. But, there was some thing that happened later that night that is a moment we would NEVER expect at home.

As our kids were winding down in their bunks, We peeked in to see this:

My two that are sometimes at odds more than anything are holding hands as they nod off. My heart was so full in that moment. All the unsaid stress, the annoyed huffs, the “if you aren’t bleeding I don’t want to hear it”… all of it… worth it.

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