Day 6: Niagara Falls, Part Deux

Today was a good day, just like yesterday. We spent the morning just chilling at the campsite and letting the kids play with newfound friends, while Josh and I caught up on reading.

Then we pulled ourselves out of our camping chairs and headed to Niagara Gorge for a hike along the water.

Along the gorge is the original Niagara Power Plant, we got a quick history lesson and then climbed into the elevator for a ride back to road-level.

After a lunch with the birds on Goat Island, we sought out the views. We were impressed/scared at how close you could get to the falls (and I’m pretty sure Josh ran through every potential scenario and how it could be litigated as we walked). It was beautiful as you see the scope of it all.

Afterwards, a rest at the campground gave us just the boost we needed to head back to Canada for a walk behind the falls. In Parker’s words it was “so cool!” It really gave you a sense of of how powerful the water is and how it’s changed the landscape over the centuries.

On to Canada for the next few days – Brighton, Ontario here we come!

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