Side Note: Nora’s Tour

As Parker created his blog, Nora also wanted a piece of the action. Here she is showing you around our RV (technically a travel trailer 😁)

You can watch here too –>

A few answers (to the most asked questions we get):

– We do not ride in the trailer while on the road, there is a slide that folds in essentially making the couch and wall touch.

– There is A/C! But we’ve been really lucky with the weather while gone. We also have a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen. Only thing we’re missing is a dishwasher but that’s where the kids come in handy.

– This is a 31-foot, 6100-lb trailer, we are pulling with a Tahoe which can pull up to 8100lbs. We are often the only ones in the campground without a diesel truck but it’s been going well and the Tahoe does the job!

– There’s a surprising amount of storage in this 250-square foot space. Everything has storage underneath. For example, our entire bed lifts up for more space to put stuff and the dining room space has drawers. We have space for a coffee maker, airfryer, instapot, small blender, and plenty of bowls, plates, etc.

– The hardest part for us is the food, mainly the amount needed to feed our family for this long. However, we fit everything into the fridge, two teeeeeeeeny cabinets and then the green bin you see in the video. In a week we’ve only eaten two meals out of the RV, everything else is here.

– The people we are renting this from really have it stocked nicely, you can tell they love it and have not only thought about storage and usability, but also durability. For being our first big trip like this, renting was definitely the way to go!

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