Day 7&8: We’re in Canada, Eh?

We’ve been cruising through Ontario and Quebec the past two days. The travel from Niagara Falls to Brighton (about an hour East of Toronto) proved to be a longer leg than expected. We were in traffic most the time so our 3hr drive was really 4.5 hours. But we figured it was just on metric time so to be expected.

We stayed overnight at a KOA which our kids LOVED! Josh and I probably prefer the state and national parks but it was fine for a night. They had a pool, large bouncers (like an inflatable mound), oversized chess game, and a tractor that pulled kids around allowing them to shoot water guns at each other. We met some very nice neighbors and were asked almost immediately where we were from in “the states.”

Next, it was on to Parc National Oka. This park is absolutely amazing! It is outside of Montreal but you’d never know you were any where close to buildings. It sits on Lake Ontario and really is where the forest meets the water. We immediately parked our rig and jumped on our bikes to get a lay of the land.

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