Day 10: Plage Day

While we enjoyed touring the city yesterday, I think we are starting to realize (or maybe knew but just needed confirmation) that our family we prefers to spend our time in the outdoor/camping setting.

On to today – what an amazing day! We spent the morning beach (plage) side in one of the better lake beaches we’ve been to. Not only is the scenery amazing, but you can walk out about 200 yards and the water was only to your waste. The kids had a great time on a water obstacle course (no pictures…. there was a lost GoPro involved…. we don’t want to talk about it), building castles, and swimming.

Our time was cut short when a storm blew in, rather quickly. We hustled back to our campsite and hunkered down until it passed and enjoyed some lunch. Notes on a storm in an rv: it actually feels very safe, the thing doesn’t budge, and your worst concern is a tree toppling over 😬. With no power for a while we decided to explore Village d’Oka, which is darling.

Later that day, Josh took Landon back to the beach for some more water time. Meanwhile I took the big kids on a bike ride around the parc.

We finished with some solid board game competition. Not to brag, but I dominated Landon in Battleship.

Next we head back to the states, to our fav: Lake George. We will be meeting up with Josh’s family – so excited!

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