Day 9: Old Montreal

Cobblestone streets, giant ports, historic buildings, and street performers. This sums up our day tooling around Old Montreal.

We started by taking the subway from the island of Laval into the city. This may have been the kids’ highlight of the day, as Landon cried every time we got off.

After the subway we stayed below ground in the pedestrian tunnels to the Old Port area.

Then we walked, and walked, and walked. We climbed up 191 stairs to the top of the Clock Tower overlooking the city, then traversed through the city streets.

Of course we had to refuel a few times.

And these things above?? Churro donuts. If you’ve never had one… find them. Eat them. Life changing.

We tried to visit Mount Royal, the city’s park, but in 90 degree weather for 5 hours we were done. Or more specifically, the 4-year-old in the crowd was done.

Upon arriving back at the campground, Landon slept (a solid 14 hour nap) and the big kids headed to the beach. The night was topped off with dinner and time by the fire.

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