Day 11 & 12: The Rain and the Shine

We made our way back to the states and to our happy place: Lake George. If you’re not familiar, LG is located in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. It’s the place Josh spent most his childhood summers and where we try to bring our kids every other year. The weather is amazing, 60 at night, 80s during the day. There’s hiking, boating, biking… basically all the things we love.

We made the drive on day 11 and it should’ve been easy peasy but we were plagued with pop up thunderstorms from the US boarder past our set up time at the campsite.

But it was worth it!

After we rode out the storms, the kids went off to explore and what we found was that Nora lost a tooth!

Lucky for us the tooth fairy knew where to find Nora and delivered an entire dollar this morning!

Lake George RV Park is way more than a spot to park your temporary house. It has heated pools, biking trails, paddle boating, fishing, and fun activities planned throughout the day.

We took full advantage, the first night we watched the camp “game show” and today the kids got to see a reptile presentation. We hit up the ponds and pools as well. (Double bonus: Josh’s family joined us for the fun!)

More family time and lake time to come!

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