Lake George: the days we didn’t want to end (aka: days 13&14)

Wow! The past few days have been everything we could hope for and more. We had some solid family time.

We took a really nice bike ride through Warren County.

We picked up a few new skills.

And we got our adrenaline fix (and mom’s cortisol levels up).


All of this, but the real take away for us was one thing: Joy. We stayed up late watching the campground entertainment. We stayed out way too many hours on the water. We passed the late nights talking by the campfire. We played at the arcade well past bedtime. Josh and his family allowed the memories to flood back, in a place where time stand still even as the calendar doesn’t. And in all of it J-O-Y.

Parker told me this morning as we packed that he’s sad we only have one week left. He wants to go back to school and see his friends, but also will miss the RV and all the adventures.

I feel the same.


And not in this “were putting it on the blog so I want to make things sounds super amazing” – nope, I really will miss this.

We’ve seen our kids do things we’d never see/do at home. They are more capable (emotionally and physically) than we realize when in our comfort zone. We’ve had our disagreements and been forced to figure it out because we literally cannot get away from each other. We know that love and relationships are built on shared experiences. Through the stories we are making and the ones we pass down we are allowing these three weeks to change us and solidify us as we are.

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