Days 15-17: Poconos, Promised Land, and Penn State ER

Welp, let’s start with the most alarming of those: Pennsylvania medical system.

Penn State ER

After hanging with his new campground friends, Parker was cruising around on his bike. He decided to repeat an “awesome jump” and ended up face (and shoulder and wrist) first into the pavement. After initial assessment we decided to take him to the closest ER in State College, PA (home of Penn State). Good news … no break, just a bad sprain and now a cool story.

Things we learned:

  • Wear your helmet kids. Both his bike and helmet took a beating, and since his head and shoulder took the brunt of the fall we are VERY lucky he had one on.
  • Rural living is quiet, relaxing, and calm… until you need an ER and it’s 40 minutes away on backroads. As one of our RV neighbors put it “you’ll follow some goat trails but it’ll get ya there.”

Today, Parker is in great spirits and feeling good!

Poconos and Promised Land

Rewind… we arrived in Pennsylvania at Promised Land State Park with a slight Lake George hangover (!). After a rough landing we headed down to the water. Absolutely gorgeous!

The next morning we hit the trails to explore Promised Land and it’s marshes.

Then it was back on the road through the state. Side note: Pennsylvania is BEAUTIFUL! Neither of us have been here before and have been wowed by the landscape.

Black Moshannon State Park*

*Sorry English Lit people, no alliteration here.

We traipsed through some pretty steep, windy roads and made it to Black Moshannon State Park. There was no – I mean no – cell reception which was equally calming and odd to feel so disconnected. We hiked around our space and settled in for a night around the campfire.

*the kids would like it noted that they made campfire donuts (turned out more like monkey bread but was delish!).

Exploring, biking, beaching, playing. All were done here.

Today we set off on a 7-hour drive 😬 to Salt Lick, Kentucky, to spend a few days in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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