Final Thoughts: Reflections and Thanks

There were many phases to this trip. What started as a crazy idea, led to months of planning. Thoughts of “are we really going to do this” eventually led to “I can’t believe we’re doing this” and ended with “I’m so happy we did this.”

There was so much that happened and to summarize we took a look at the numbers:

– 20 days

– 3175 miles

– 25 s’mores

– 17 bike rides

– 13 gas stations

– 12 campsites

– 11 states (including 2 providences)

– 7 lakes

– 1 ER visit

– 151million memories (<– number brought to you by Landon Margolis)

We were trying to decide the best way to end the blog, so we thought back about the reason why we did this – Parker, Nora, and Landon. So we asked them…

YouTube Link – enjoy HERE

We were kinda surprised by their responses, but could not have been more proud. It made us realize we made the right decision!

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